Zoom Content Management System

The brains of your website is the CMS software that you select. ZOOM CMS® is a Microsoft .NET software that has over 8 years of client usage and constant improvement based on feedback from business and organizational clients like yours. Sites range from 1,000's of pages and hundreds of users to small sites with 20 pages and a few modules.

When Time is Money, ZOOM CMS® Saves Both

We called it Zoom for a reason - it's built for the busy professional team who wants to log in, make some updates and log out - fast. Everything is integrated in an interface that was designed for the business user so that edits feel like Microsoft Word and modules that provide powerful features but are easy to manage.

Protection from External Attacks and Staff Access

"I almost fell off my chair when I saw what ZOOM could do, you have no idea what this means to me!"

ZOOM CMS® has passed the rigorous security scans provided by leading security firm Qualys as well as large technology teams who selected ZOOM CMS® to run on their protected internal web servers. Open source solutions cannot pass these tests because their code is exposed for hackers to find a way in. We also track and provide you the report every failed log-in attempt with IP, log-in and result and will automatically block a hack attempt.

Control Staff Editing Permissions and Review Their Work Before Going Live

Give Susan in HR access to only edit HR pages and manage the Job Posting Module while Mike in Lean Manufacturing has access to edit the process initiative pages and can manage the Customer Feedback Form Module. Tim, a writer at your marketing agency writes new content for the site but Sherry, VP of Marketing wants to review them before they go live. All easy with ZOOM CMS®.

Modules are like Apps to Solve Business Problems Online

We love talking to new prospects who ask us questions like "Can we collect job applications online?" or "If we add news articles, will they instantly push to RSS and social media?" or "Can we have multiple calendars with eventregistrations that have real-time e-commerce and registration management tools?" Our answer is always "Yes, Yes, Yes!" Modules are feature-rich database applications that plug-in to the ZOOM CMS® system so that your business can do more online. We have apps for employment, publishing, social media, event calendars, online forms, photo galleries, document management, FAQ / CRM, online store, donations, extranets, and much more. Custom modules are also available, so your site can finally have the right tools to improve your business online.

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