Browser Upgrades Will Happen Automatically for Old IE Versions


AFS Web shares news about how you will see the web in 2012.

Microsoft has wanted you to upgrade your IE6, IE7 and IE8 browsers to IE9 for a long time. Since there are a lot of people holding on to their old software, Microsoft is taking more control of the decision. Starting in early 2012, Microsoft will begin upgrading browser versions, to the latest version that your desktop operating system can support, without your permission. This is called a “silent upgrade,” and it is how Google has always handled upgrades and how Firefox will handle their upgrades soon.

What’s wrong with IE 6 and IE 7?

From a web developer point of view, there are many technical issues with the older browsers. Web sites don’t display the same from browser version to browser version, so we spend hours tweaking code and putting in special code for older browsers to give the visitor a good experience. New HTML5 and CSS3 are not supported in the old browsers making new layouts impossible.

Microsoft says Death to IE6

Even Microsoft wants to end the use of IE6 (and probably IE7, too). It has created the web site Internet Explorer 6 Countdown. This site provides the details on browser use with the mission to encourage the reduction of old Internet Explorer use.

Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

Security Issues in Old Browsers

Microsoft admits that the old browsers have security issues. Since Microsoft no longer provides patches to the old browsers, you cannot expect help or support with these products.

As we, at AFS Web, work with clients, a common question that we ask is “what browser do you use?” We coach our clients to choose the best web surfing software for their needs, as this is important for their PC security and employee ease of use.

The Latest in Web Coding Technology

AFS Web launched a new site for in November 2011 and to showcase what we can do for our clients, we used the latest technology (HTML5 / CSS3, ZOOM CMS® 3.7) as well as the best in Search Engine Optimization techniques and social media integration.

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